About Us

Association “Šilutės žuvininkystės vietos veiklos grupė (Šilutė Fisheries Local Activity Group)” is a non-profit public legal entity, established on 1st September, 2008.

The main association objectives are to recruit the residents of the fishing region, to act as an intermediary between the association members, local government and national institutions, to organize various projects/fisheries programmes/strategies, while implementing the objectives and tasks of the fisheries sector development, and to gather material as well as human resources in order to implement these objectives.

The association members are both natural and legal persons related to the fishing industry and helping to implement the objectives and tasks, provided in the regulations of the organization.

Currently, the association holds 12 members – 10 legal persons and companies working in the fishing industry and 2 natural persons.

Brief description of the activity:

In 2015, the association implemented the project No. 3KOL2-3-14-01-PR001 “Development of the Fisheries and Aquaculture Production Realization Market by Popularizing and Promoting its Use”, in accordance with the 2007-2013 action programme by the Lithuanian Fisheries Sector – the third priority policy “Common Interest Means” by the means of “Collective Actions” in the field of activity of the “Development and Promotional Campaigns of the New Markets of the Fisheries and Aquaculture Production, Funded by the European Fisheries Fund and Lithuanian Funds”, during which three exhibitions have been organized in England, Poland and Latvia.

In 2014-2015, the association participated as a partner in implementing the project “Sustainable and Holistic Approaches to Development in European Seaboards” (SHADES), organized by Italy.

In 2013-2015, the association prepared the educational material, covering “Hydrochemistry of Aquaculture” and “Fish health, Fish Diseases, their Prevention and Treatment”, for the State Budgetary Institution “Šilutė Agricultural School”, in accordance with the contracts for the provision of services.

In 2013-2014, the association provided consultation services for the Tauragė District Municipality Administration which implemented two local activity projects that were funded by the European Fisheries Fund (EFF).

About the implemented project

In September 2015, the association “Šilutės žuvininkystės vietos veiklos grupė (Šilutė Fisheries Local Activity Group)” submitted an application under the means of “Marine Protected Areas: network(s) for enhancement of sustainable fisheries in the EU Mediterranean waters”, a pilot project “Support Measures for Small-scale Fishing” and a preparatory action “Guardians of the Sea”.

In January 2016, the implementation of the project “Development of Co-operation of Small-Scale Fisheries Sector of the Baltic Sea Region, by Applying the Exchange of Good Practice During Educational Meetings and Virtual Information Database Establishment Methods”, funded by the association and the European Union funds in accordance with the contract Pilot Project “Support Measures for Small-Scale Fishing” AGREEMENT NUMBER – MARE/2014/04 – SI2.723898, has started.

The main project objective is to create conditions for the development and information spread of co-operation of small-scale fisheries sector of the Baltic Sea Region.

Special project objectives:

  • To develop co-operation of international small-scale fisheries sector and exchange of good practice;
  • To establish virtual information database in order to increase information spread among the representatives of small-scale fisheries sector;
  • Organize and analyse the information related to fishing business by creating opportunities for the representatives of small-scale fisheries sector to actively participate in consultation and decision making processes, which are implemented in accordance with the new regionalized fisheries policy.

The activities implemented during the project implementation:

  1. Preparatory works:
  2. Project administration:
  3. Co-operation development:
  4. Establishment and administration of virtual information database:

Planned results:

- Organized introductory study visits. The major purpose of visit organization is to meet all the representatives of small-scale fishing of the project target countries or their representing organizations, find out the main needs and objectives.

- Established virtual information database. The information database will collect and store information/analyses/suggestions: related to the legislation regulating fishing in Lithuania, Estonia, Poland and Latvia; programmes funded by the European Union support funds, and invitations to submit applications; fishing business news; examples of good practice, by applying rational and sustainable fishing methods; examples of good practice in the projects implemented by the representatives of small-scale fishing, funded by the European Union support funds. The information database will be available not only to the representatives of small-scale fishing, directly involved in the project activity, but also to anyone wishing to see it.

- Organized conferences in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland. During the conferences, the representatives of small-scale fishing will be addressed directly, the co-operation between the representatives of the project target countries will be promoted, the reference material will be presented and suggestions concerning further activity will be submitted.