International Fishermen’s Day

On 24 – 26 June, 2016, International Fishermen’s Day will be celebrated in Klaipėda. Since ancient times, when the majority of the residents of Klaipėda were fishermen practicing fishery as their main profession, fish fairs were common events in the city. During these fairs, fishermen would sell fish that was caught and smoked by them and smell of which would increase the appetite of every man passing by. As the years went by, the number of fishermen decreased, but the events in order to commemorate them remained. One of those events is International Fishermen’s Day. Majority of the residents of Klaipėda relate this fair with fresh and smoked fish as well as fish products in general. Most of them remember their childhood, when their fathers or grandfathers would come back home from the sea with fresh fish.

Regarding that, this year will be dedicated to introduce the general public to the fisheries sector which brings all the seacoast fishermen together, because of their main profession – fishing. This idea is supported by the Klaipėda City Municipality which invites and encourages both the young and the old to remember the traditional taste and smell of fresh and genuine Baltic Sea fish.Let’s not forget that International Fishermen’s Day is becoming a traditional summer event on the coast of Lithuania attracting many guests that will bring home at least one pleasant memory from the coast with them. Some of them come here to have good time, some introduce their new products and production, and others gain new knowledge. Taking that into account, this year the seacoast fishermen will offer all the guests to learn about fishing and its production that will increase the appetite of every man passing by and maybe even wake the childhood memories of a true resident of Klaipėda. Therefore, the Association of Coastal Professional and Recreational Fishing invites you all to join the meetings at “Žvejų Krantinė”, in the Klaipėda Ship Repair territory and in the public spaces of Klaipėda city, where you will not only have a great time, but also a chance to extend your knowledge of fishermen, fishing and the sea, while others will have a chance to remember the good old days.According to the associated structures of fishery business, we have beautiful and long-lasting fishing traditions – something to be proud of and cherish. They also believe that the fishermen, after joining the project “Nurture your land” together with Lithuanian farmers and businessmen, will contribute to the nurturing of their land. “Nurture your land” is a citizen initiative which aims at turning the attention of the general public to the local production – all the things that are grown and made in our land. By consuming local products we are supporting their cultivation. In that way, we become the cultivators ourselves. Together we participate in a large ecosystem, the members of which are interrelated by multi-layer relationship – economic, social and cultural. That is why we cultivate not only products – we cultivate communities, local economy, conservators of tradition and healthy children, i.e. we are cultivating our entire land.During the events of International Fishermen’s Day, the residents of the city and all the guests will be able to taste mouth-watering fish soup and discover the variety of smoked fish aromas, while in the early morning and during the hot afternoon – buy freshly caught fish straight from the fishermen boats. This will be taken care of by the Association of Coastal Professional and Recreational Fishing as well as other associated structures of fishery business. We invite Lithuanian farmers, businessmen, craftsmen and all the residents of Lithuania of good will to join the event. Best regards,On behalf of the event organisers,Mindaugas Rimeikis
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